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Seeking professional help - either individual counseling, couples therapy, or neurofeedback - is a very important decision, as much as choosing the therapist.

People seek individual counseling and/or couples therapy for different reasons, when they are experiencing some kind of emotional pain, or having relationship problems, or feeling a need to change behaviors, or simply pursuing personal growth.


In many situations, people seek brain training with neurofeedback as an alternative for help with specific conditions such as ADD/ADHD, PTSD, trauma, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, sleeping problems, autism, chronic pain, substance abuse, and others.


I like to see therapy as a journey towards growth, transformation, self-regulation, and new possibilities. As I walk with my clients on their journey, I value the therapeutic relationship and trust they can use their personal resources in pursuing their therapeutic goals. 

I invite you to consider my services as a possibility of individual counseling, couples therapy and/or neurofeedback to help you in your clinical needs.

Please contact me with your questions.

Dr. Cristina Lima



Lima Counseling Center

3997 Commons Dr W Suite B

Destin FL 32541

Tel: 281-770-1779



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